About Us


(No clubs were harmed during the taking of this picture)

Our Mission

We aim to provide free, high-quality, aerial video footage of golf courses across the state of Florida, and eventually across the country. Our services will always be free in an effort to showcase the beauty of golf, and all it has to offer.

Who We Are

We’re just a group of everyday golfers, that were tired of not being able to see golf courses before we played them. When paying $50 a round, we found we rarely branched out to try new courses. We aim to eliminate that hesitation by showing golfers exactly what to expect before they play. By providing aerial footage, we hope to inspire the young, recharge the experience, and grow the interest in golf.

Why Participate?

Participation is completely free. It’s quite simple: we come out to your course, film it, and add it to our database. Participation helps promote golf courses by showing off the shape, difficulty, and beauty of each individual hole.


It’s no secret drones have gotten a lot of attention throughout the past couple of years. At Eagle Vision Golf, we are registered through the FAA and every pilot has their FAA Part 107 Remote Airmen License. Our pilots are highly trained and are some of the best in the business, putting safety and quality first.div>

Our Team

Bobby Bishop
Digital Marketing Guru

His love for multimedia started while working in the journalism industry. He was fortunate enough to combine his life long passion of golf with his education to help grow Eagle Vision Golf.

Phil Anderson

Chief Technology Officer

Working in programming industry for 10 plus years, Phil has contributed to programming projects in the real estate and automotive industry. He has now combined a lifelong passion with work.

Brian Nemes
Marketing Intern

Brian studied Marketing at the University of Central Florida and interned for a few tech startups immediately following graduation. He's played a pivotal role in taking us to the next level.

A Brief History

In January 2015, Bobby Bishop was halfway through his Digital Journalism and Design graduate program at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. That’s when he started developing his thesis project. A few weeks later and stumped on ideas, he tried thinking like a businessman.

“I started brainstorming problems we face anywhere and everywhere in today’s world, and then looked to see if I could figure out a solution,” Bobby said.

An avid golfer for several years, he was frustrated that there was no way to view a golf course before he played it. A few weeks later Eagle Vision Golf was born.

For the next year Bobby worked on the idea for his thesis. In February 2016 the website was live. What started as a school project has slowly transitioned into company.

Eagle Vision Golf aims to be a household name among golfers. We know tee times aren’t cheap. Who wants to dish out $50 to play a course too difficult? Now golfers can preview courses, hole-by-hole, before booking their tee times.

We invite you to join us on our journey.

Eagle Vision Golf - About Us