Additional Drone Services

While our company specializes in the aerial filming and photographing of golf courses around the state of Florida, we do offer an array of other aerial services with our drones.

real estate drone services

Real Estate

We produce high-quality videos and photos for both indoor virtual tours and outdoor property tours. Let us capture the vibrant details of the surrounding land, homes, and neighborhood. We also capture detailed content of the undeveloped land before construction begins. This can be vital for safety inspections, construction permits, and building assessments. Wherever you work in the industry - realtor, developer, or investor - the content our drones capture can boost your marketing efforts and help protect your investments.

wedding drone services

Events, Weddings and Sports

Eagle Vision’s drones create phenomenal still photos and videos for any occasion. Safety is typically our clients top concern and it’s ours as well. Our trained pilots have put in hundreds of hours in the air and are qualified to fly over events. With aerial filming becoming more popular at weddings, dare to be different and capture your special day from breathtaking angles.

Let us film your sporting event from high in the sky. Video footage works great for scholarship highlight reels and the added height complements your skills. Our drones are capable of capturing all of these moments with beautiful perspectives that more traditional methods cannot accomplish.

commercials drone services

Commercials, Television and Film

Drones offer a high-tech but cost effective solution to meet the high-end demands of aerial cinematography. The drones we use are capable of shooting in formats comparable to that of any professional camera on the ground.

In the not so distant past, producers had to rent helicopters and spend an entire day to capture 20 seconds of aerial footage. Let Eagle Vision help knock out your 20 second shot in 20 minutes. We work closely with producers and directors to provide detailed and dramatic footage for the most demanding projects.

Company Marketing

In this day and age, content creation is critical for successful marketing campaigns. Let us provide you with unparalleled footage to help your company stand out. Whether it’s a gorgeous bird’s eye view of your facility or a slow pan of your staff outdoors, our drone pilots can capture it. Our HD cameras mounted under the drones provide vivid images for use on websites, social media, marketing collateral, billboards, banners, and much more.

mapping drone services

Mapping, Data Services, and Construction

We can create geo-referenced maps and real-time project updates. The high resolution images allow clients to take measurements from photographs and convert them into maps, 3D models, or drawings.

Let us send our drones up to the 30th story of your high-rise to check exterior deterioration. By capturing both video and photographs, accomplished risky feats without putting human lives on the line.

Our Equipment

Before you decide on a aerial services company, it’s a good idea to take a look at their equipment. If you decide to use our services, your content will be captured with a DJI Inspire. In non-nerd lingo that means our fleet of DJI Inspire’s are of professional quality. They have the ability to film in 4k and capture breathtaking views of your event or property.

The main distinction between the Inspire model and more common Phantom model is the smoothness during air flight. There is no telling what flying conditions will be like during your event, so why risk it with an unstable small drone? Our drones can handle winds up to 15 mph with ease and our cameras can capture footage in a diverse range of lighting conditions. Our state of the art gimbals (stabilizers) under the drone ensure video footage comes out smooth and seamless.