Our Pilots

When it comes to any job, especially one in the field of aerial videography, safety is the top concern.

Pilot Safety and Experience

Pilot Training

All of our pilots are required to have their FAA Part 107 Remote Airmen License. In addition to the FAA standards, they have been trained by us on golf specific flight practices. New pilots are put through our six stage course that teaches appropriate flight paths for hole shapes, best practices for filming near golfers, and how to carry themselves on and around a golf course. We emphasize that they aren’t just flying their newest hobby around 18 holes, but they are flying around country clubs that require a certain code of conduct.

While we aim to find drone pilots with golf experience we devote an entire lesson on golf etiquette and behavior. We teach how to navigate through the course, proper distances to refrain from golfers, and appropriate dress. The drones our pilots use make little noise and do their best to blend in with the normal flow of golf activity.

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Quality Product

Quality Product

We only use the latest top of the line drone technology, video editing software, and camera technology. This ensures that the final product is a high definition work of art that you’ll be proud to show your customers. We work with golf courses to ensure our pilots come film at a time that best showcases the beauty of your course.

Typically, golf courses are looking their best during their busy season, and we don’t take the task of flying drones near golfers lightly. The drones our pilots fly are more than capable of safely flying around a golf course, all while handling light to moderate winds. We ensure to address any safety concerns before every job, and perform an aerial demonstration if requested to ensure no questions remain unanswered.

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Become an Eagle Vision Pilot

Love to fly drones? Get paid to fly.

We are quickly expanding across the state of Florida and the Southeast US. We need pilots to help us talk to and film golf courses.

We require that drone pilots have the proper certifications and training to be flying their equipment. In addition, we put pilots through a 6-stage class of our own that explains proper flight paths, acceptable flying conditions, and the ins and outs of golf ettiquette. If this interests you, fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page to get the ball rolling.

Meet the requirements and complete our 6-stage class
Film a local golf course
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